A Social Media Treat

I’ve been swapping books with writers I dig up online—I’ll bug the shit out of ten, but then I’ll hook one and occasionally get a surprise.

Greg Levin’s In Wolves’ Clothing hits all the spots I want in a good novel: It’s got a terrific (first-person) voice, it’s original, it moves, it has sympathetic characters, and the prose is crisp, occasionally experimental, and eminently readable. And it’s got heart. Mechanics + heart = terrific.

Aside from all that, In Wolves’ Clothing tackles a theme I’ve never seen in fiction: the child sex slave trade. And, according to the author’s afterword, the book’s (anti-) hero (very flawed guy) is based on a (probably not as flawed) real person who is part of a team that poses as high rolling sex tourists who lure pimps around the world into bringing young girls to parties, optimally ending in arrests of the pimps and safe haven for the girls.

Who knew?

Anyway, great stuff. Hope he likes what I sent him.

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