Down Solo is about the unintended consequences of an ibogaine ceremony at a Mexico heroin treatment center. Charlie Miner wakes up looking down at his body on a gurney at the LA County morgue. When he moves closer to the body, it pulls him in and he is able to make it get up and walk around. Charlie, a down-on-his-luck, heroin-addicted insurance fraud investigator, leaves the morgue with two priorities: to get a fix and to find out who killed him. The trouble is, there’s a bullet in his brain and his memory is full of holes. His quest will take him backward to rediscovered memories and forward to new danger, further loss, and, finally, possible redemption. Down Solo borrows from Stephen King only to the extent that, generally, people don’t reanimate their bodies and continue daily life. Otherwise, the novel is more or less a straightforward (well, slightly convoluted) Chandleresque mystery.

“Terrific twist on a familiar trope. Loved the dead man angle. And the daughter bit was sweet. Quick, tightly paced read, rife with humor and pathos.” Joe Clifford, author of Lamentations 

“What a weird but brilliant book!” Goodreads reviewer

Down Solo could variously be described as heroin noir, junky lit, supernatural mystery, drugworld crime fiction, or whatever it takes to get Google to point to it. So I’m a keyword slut.

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