Haiku for the Day

rude awakening

a green shoot sprouts through concrete

Buddha wakening

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Nice Editing Shortcut

Here’s a Handy Tool for Writers Besides writing, I work as an editor and proofreader. When I get back a copyedited work, I am then tasked with—assuming it’s a Word doc with Tracking turned on—Accepting or Rejecting edits, which I can see in a Reviewing Pane and address one at a time, either right-clicking or […]

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Book Review: Zero Saints by Gabino Iglesias


November 23, 2016


No Comment

I remember, from back in the day, how much you could tell about an auditioning musician, even before he started playing: the way he touched his instrument, the way he played a chord or a lick after tuning—not to show off but to establish that the tone was right—and I would say to myself, “OK, […]

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