Some books I have edited or proofed (click on titles for descriptions):

By David Putnam: The Disposables; The Replacements; The Innocents; The Squandered; The Vanquished; The Reckless

A Red Dotted Line—Simon Gervais

The Forever Year—Lou Aronica

Blue—Lou Aronica

Amanda’s Story—Brian O’Grady

Hybrid—Brian O’Grady

The Unyielding Future—Brian O’Grady

The Fifth Man—James Lepore

Gods and Fathers—James Lepore

Women in Bed—Jessica Keener

Secrets of Inferno—Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer

Fortunate Son—David Marlett

Over My Live Body—Susan Israel

The God Particle—Tom Avitabile

The Devil’s Quota—Tom Avitabile

Wandering in Exile—Peter Murphy

Small Victories—Dave Williams

I’m Not Her—Cara Sue Achterberg

Portable Magic—Anthology edited by Lou Aronica

Restrike—Reba White Williams

Fatal ImpressionsReba White Williams

Betty’s Garden—Laurel Dewey

Unto These Hills—Emily Sue Harvey

Burner—MC Mars

Twisted—Laurie Halse Anderson

This Time Forever—Kathleen Eagle

Deadly Recall—Donnell Ann Bell

The Deadliest Lie—June Trop

Jack of Hearts—Ricardo Bare

Fool of Fate—Ricardo Bare

Worship Hymn—Ricardo Bare

Fully Engaged—Eve Gaddy

The Last Scenario—Marcos Gabriel

Secret’s of Dan Brown’s INFERNO—Mark Foster and E Varelli